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Central Valley Sustainability Inc. provides services in all aspects of sustainability.  All of our services include education about gardening, and how to keep your plants alive and thriving. If you have a specific service regarding sustainability feel free to ask we will try our best to accommodate your needs.


Aquaponics is a great way to grow nutrient dense fruits and veggies, while raising edible or decorative fish. By providing food for the fish, the fish will create fertilizer in the form of fish poop.The fish waste is pumped to the grow bed where the plants use the "waste" and return clean water to the fish. Your fish options range from Tilapia to Koi.  We can build you any size system indoor or outdoor. 


We can build any type and size composting system to fit your needs.  Your options include vermicomposting(worm composting), free standing compost bins, tumbler composters, and chicken composting. 

Raised Bed Gardens

We have built many raised beds, wall planters, and in ground gardens.  All of these services come with free seeds(food only), free planting, and a thorough education on how to care for the plants.

Chicken Coops

Chickens are at the pinnacle of sustainability because they process your food waste into potent fertilizer and provide the freshest eggs possible.  We have over a decade of experience caring for and raising chickens.  We can build you any size coop to fit your needs. We will also fully educate you on how to provide the very best care for your hens. 

Drip Irrigation
Plant & Irrigation System

For plants that need more frequent watering, drip irrigation is a cheap and easy way to ensure that the plants get the water they need while conserving water. 

Edible Landscape

Drought tolerant or Native plants are key in reducing our water needs and can be just as if not more beautiful as a water demanding landscape.  We can create beautiful front yard landscapes that require little to no supplemental water in order to thrive.

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