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We Provide Solutions To Our Worlds Problems


Our planet is becoming more polluted everyday.  Our air is dirty, our streams are contaminated, and our soil is infertile.  But dont worry this can all be reversed, by applying these solutions!!!

















  • Pesticides and syntetic fertilizers pollute ground and river water, sterilize the soil, have been linked to the disappearance of honey bees, and are not good for your health.







  •   We can catch and store water from our roofs.  For every square foot of your home you can catch .623 gallons of water per inch of rain.  Modesto recieves apporximately 9 inches of rain a year according to Modesto Irrigation Distric                                          



(1000 sq ft) x (.623 gallons per sq ft) x (9" of rain) =5607 gallons of water

  This means that a 1000 sq ft home in Modesto can catch 5,706 gallons of water a year!  Thats over 2 tons of water!  We can also plant drought tolerant landscapes that can thrive on virtually zero additional irrigation.




  •   So this is an obvious answer, Composting our paper, yard trimmings and food waste will dramatically reduce the rate our landfills are expanding.  Anyone can compost.  Worm bins even allow those who live in an apartment to compost.  If you have the space chickens are the best way to process our compost because the provide immediate protien via eggs and also provide excellent fertilizer for your soil (chicken manure).



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